Hey, I’m Julius Erler

Hey, I’m Julius Erler


Taya caught between
darkness and light
banned on film

just a new
of an old Phrase

praise the queen
and bring her all
of the honey

Gina Scott is
a ballet-dancer of
the Semperoper

A little analog-Session
with Taya and the
Roger Deakins Light

Light Cage

it’s a dogs life

queen bee

Gina on film

Taya on film

I’m Julius Erler, an editorial and portrait photographer

Focus on Book Authors

Findus Customer Magazine

The cover of the customer magazine of the Findus bookstore has been showing my work for over three years now. In each magazine, I portrait upcoming and famous book authors for the interview section. The magazine has a circulation of 10,000 copies and is published every six months.

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I am a Dresden-based photographer specialized in working with people and telling stories. I focus on portraits and editorials, whereby my work is always influenced by fashion and reportage photography. Getting in touch with interesting people and their minds and jobs every day is exciting for me. My roots are in media design which I have studied at the creative agency ART ARMINUM, where I am still practicing. I am always open to new collaborations with brands, models, and creatives. Talk to me if you have an idea. 

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