Julius Erler

authentic, strong
and not over-staged
Business Photos

Say goodbye to the petrified smiling stock family.

Nearly 10 years of experience in the modern creative agency ART ARMINUM

Young and modern business photography with real people, a little bit of imperfection and a uniquely designed look creates trust and recognition.

What I do

  • Commercial
  • Campaign
  • Business Portraits
    Job Report
  • Events
Nearly 10 years of experience

My roots are in media design which I have studied at the creative agency ART ARMINUM, where I am still practicing. Through my work at the agency, I learned a lot about what is important for good commercial photography, be it in the spirit of the campaign or simply what is important for the further design process.

Custom made

Every set I photograph and edit has its own unique style and lining up in order to best fit the idea and focus behind the picture.

Unique Looks

handcrafted for unique brands

loyal brands

  • Meyer Burger
    Buchhandlung Findus
    Ruttloff Garments
    Theater Junge Welt Leipzig
    3m5 Media
  • DEBAG Ofenbau
    Franz & Co. – Die Ölmüller
    Juniper Jack
    HOMAG Automation
  • Sachsenmilch
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